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New domain: WLS.GG
Finally, let's get rid of our old domain (bye bye system-beta.warlegend.net), and welcome our new domain: wls.gg.
New website: Accounts.wls.gg
We have been working on a new website to manage your account, and it's finally here: accounts.wls.gg.
Since a few weeks, we have been working on realtime on the WLS website: key distribution, teams. This means that you don't have to refresh the page to get the latest information, it's updated automatically and instantly.
Admin Message
We have added a new feature for admins: the admin message. It allows admins to send a message to all players in the event, and it's realtime.
Max Played Sessions for Key Distrib
You can now set the maximum number of games (counted on the leaderboard) a team played in order for them to get the next key.
Sessions Limit for Leaderboard
You can now define the maximum number of matches that will be counted in the ranking according to different worst/best criteria (Points, Place, Eliminations) and a first/last criterion based on match start time.